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Make Dough Writing Online – Writing Fiction Can Put Real Money in Your Bank

Most writers dream of writing that big novel, and while many fictions writers may never see their book gracing the shelves of the local book store, they can make a bit of dough writing fiction online. If the goal of your writing is to make a living, and you cannot stand writing web copy then it is time to look for ways to write your fiction online for money.

Most aspiring fiction writers write their novels in their spare time, and spend their days doing copywriting, ghostwriting and blog writing to keep a roof over their head and food in their refrigerator. Their goal is eventually to write fiction fulltime but this takes time, sometimes years and in the meantime everybody has to eat!

In comes Story Mash, billed as the future of collaborative fiction, Story Mash pays you, the writer for your nonfiction stories. You can create new stories or contribute chapters to existing stories and once you publish them Story Mash pays you a percentage of the advertising revenue earned by your chapter. The Percentage starts at 50% and can go up from there depending on how much you have written and how popular it is นิยายอีโรติก.

Story Mash also runs contests; there are five rounds to every contest, with one round every two weeks. Each round represents one chapter in a story they specify, the prize for each chapter is $100 except for the final round which is $200.

Of course you can self publish your stories through a number of sites online like LuLu and there are a number of sites online that will sell your self-published book for you.

Another option is publish your short stories or novels in eBook form, using a program such as Adobe Acrobat, then sell them through your website or through Clickbank. If you choose this option you could even include a chapter for free on your website to get people hooked and then ask them to purchase your eBook to get the rest.

Finally you can publish your short stories on your personal website and use advertising to create your revenue, this does mean you will need to do a lot of marketing to get people to your website to read but if your writing is really good that should not be a problem.

Fiction writing does not have to be a dead end or a seemingly endless journey, with a bit of creative thought and effort you can turn your fiction writing into dough online.

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