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In this two-part article, we are going to talk about the tools that will be successful. But before I introduce the InterNetwork Marketing Success Toolbox, let me first consider a simple yet amazingly powerful concept: the Marketing Funnel.

A funnel is very wide on the top and narrow at the tip. Not everything And each funnel has a certain capacity from large to small clickfunnels discount.

Your marketing funnel works just like a conventional funnel for you at home – the only difference is what you put inside!

Imagine your target market as to what might potentially come in through the wide end of a funnel and look at all of your marketing efforts as a journey you take them through the funnel.

One of the easiest ways to boost your profit is to make it easy. Once the prospects have experienced your expertise and professionalism, they are more likely to spend money with you. The Marketing Funnel is a visual representation of opportunities you can offer to your prospects as well as a “stranger”. Each level in the funnel represents increased appreciation, commitment, and trust – and increased profit opportunities for you. Fear of making a mistake Fear holds back sales.

The Marketing Funnel is a well known concept in traditional marketing, now lets look at what happens when you apply it to the world of InterNetwork Marketing: imagine two funnels put side by the side with the bottoms next to each other. Do you start?

Seth Godin, the author of more than seven books, that has been bestsellers around the world, and formerly VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo! Flipping the Funnel:

– Turn “strangers” into “friends”

– Turn “friends” into “customers”

– And then … do the most important job: Turn your “customers” into “salespeople”

The math is compelling. Most people in the world are not your customers. They have not even heard of you, actually And while many of them are not qualified buyers or are interested in buying your product, many of them may be – if they only know you existed, if they only convinced that your offer is worth paying for.

But how are you going to know about you? We live in the most cluttered marketplace You do not have enough time or enough advertising

Seth defines “friends” as well as they have not turned into “customers” yet. And your “customers” have been converted from total to “strangers” to “friends”, and then all the way to your users.

The essence of flipping the fannel is that for most companies “friends” and “customers” are underused assets … Well, not in network marketing And this is probably why network marketing is increasingly more attractive to even Fortune 500 companies with very big advertising budgets Simply put, network marketing leverages the single most powerful form of advertising: word-of-mouth It is about flipping the funnel and turning it into a “megaphone”.

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